Door Hanger: Make the Most of it

Making successful door hangers will bring new business to your company. For doing so, you have to consider some of the important points which you must accomplish. A door hanger which is boring and dull will never get any attention. If you have plenty of information crammed into one space, customers will become frustrated. There are some of the great ways to avoid errors while designing and printing door hangers. Following are some simple steps to end up with successful and beautiful door hangers which will do your job for your business.

Draw Attention
You can’t do this if you are in a hurry. This is your first change to make a good impression for getting someone’s attention. If you can achieve this, you have already won half the battle. If anyone opens the door and sees a lifeless and colorless door hanger, they will throw it away without reading it. So, you have to be careful. You need to start a relationship on the right foot with an interesting door hanger.

Fast Delivery
When you have captured your customer’s attention, you must hit them right away with attractive advertisements. Don’t forget to put a slogan or title that’s bolder and bigger than any other marketing piece. You have to make your door hangers more attractive. This slogan needs to be sweet and short and also to the point. You can give them real information and will also make them know more.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers

The famous idea when it comes to printed door hangers is to use the bottom portion of your door hanger. This can be a coupon, business card and a small map with directions. That makes the most sense for your business is what you have to include on the perforated sheet. Even if anyone decides to throw away your door hanger, they will tear off the bottom and will keep it for reference. Due to this reason, it’s a great idea to include your contact information as well. You must be available to speak with the clients when they are in need of anything. Make things clear from the beginning.?? You can take advantage of the perforated option and can increase interests to your business.

Include Pertinent Information
A door hanger which is designed poorly will never get any attraction. Moreover, there is nothing worse if you forget to include pertinent information. You must be sure to tell your potential clients when and how to contact you and provide them with all the necessary contacts and fax numbers. If your business is accessible through the internet, you can give them you’re the site address with email accounts. You have to get hold of your clients, and this is a good practice to offer. Then, they will choose according to their preference and will get in touch with you.

Customized Door Hangers
Personalized door hangers are an excellent advertising tool, but it’s imperative that your layout and design which will grab attention to your business. You need to be creative. This is a fun printed material for designing and printing and there are endless options which you can use.

Design Tips for Door Hangers
Outside any restaurant, where the hangers are used for requesting a maid service, the door hangers are sometimes overlooked form of marketing. But, these are an effective means of advertising and door hangers can be removed very easily. Moreover, these are inexpensive, if you can deliver these for you. Below are mentioned some of the tips which must be remembered while designing the door hangers.

  • Your headlines should be read easily and must also stand out. Your headlines need to convey your message quickly. You need to ignore the colors which will make your door hangers difficult to read. Keep in mind that the target audience will glance at once on your door hanger before throwing in the trashcan, so you must make sure that they go through the headline before doing so.


  • You should use vivid and bright colors for your door hangers in order to attract more attention. If your customers don’t use the front door, then your door hangers will go unnoticed. You have to create a unique design which will encourage your customers to read through your door hanger. Don’t forget to include the logo of your company in front with bold colors. Branding is the most important part for identification of your company and you must not miss any opportunity for establishing your brand successfully.
  • Your door hanger has two sides and you need to use both of them in order to get your message across. You can use the first side for drawing attention to your door hangers and capture the interest of the customers, while the second will give more information with contact details. This will be a little bit expensive but it will definitely create a better response to your hangers and will create more business you.


  • How effective can be your door hangers for generating business? Just add a coupon at the bottom of your door hanger. This will not only give your potential customers an incentive to give you a call, but you can also track the redemptions to the number of door hangers you have distributed. If you can’t see any redemption that you like, then it’s time to change your marketing technique.


  • You should make sure of the contact information which is displayed on the door hanger. You have to make things easy for your customers to contact you. You must be sure of your company website, address or phone number which needs to be highlighted in your door hanger. If they don’t contact you directly, make sure that they have the right information in hand when they want to contact you.


There are several interesting ways that your door hangers can help for increasing sales. The better you can design your door hanger; it can attract your t6arget audience as well as the new customers. Make appealing door hangers which will stand out in the business market.