Direct Mailing List: How to Increase Response Rates with Telemarketing?



Telemarketing is the most common form of direct marketing where the marketers contact customers by phone. Whether you mail directly to your customers at office or at home, telemarketing will increase your return on investment. There are several advantages for allocating the marketing dollars into telemarketing after direct mailing list campaign. The majority of direct mailing lists have telemarketing telephone numbers.

The direct marketing mailing list has a database which has the phone number available for telemarketing. The benefit of business file is that you can have business records. This will give the advantage to call and follow up on every prospect which has received your mail piece. Combining the business phone numbers with the contact name will make your campaign successful.

Telemarketing Drive More Sales
Telemarketing can increase sales from your current customer file. When your customer file doesn’t have telephone numbers, the mailing list broker provider can add your phone numbers to your database file. You can also append the numbers to the residential customers.

Telemarketing puts pressure on the potential customers to respond to your product. Direct mail is a sell, where the telemarketing is more in your face. Telemarketing can also offer as the follow up in order to push a prospect. When they are interested in your mail piece, you can set it aside for the later date. A quick telemarketing will not only call to remind these but can encourage them to act faster to your product.

The combination of telemarketing and direct mail will bring good results for increasing the rate of return. There are several ways for incorporating telemarketing to your next campaign. The telemarketing call centers are the fastest way for making calls and increase response rates. You can also take help of voice broadcasting, though these are less personal. It can help to have your sales staff make the calls. The choice which is selected can bring a beneficial increase in marketing efforts.

Tips for Direct Mailing List Tips for Business Owners
There are many book publishers, self-publishers, entrepreneurs and home-based business owners which are dark about mailing the list rentals. But, how can you order direct mailing lists for your target audience? But in doing this, they can make a few mistakes. Some of the trade secrets and tips will help you to ignore these mistakes. Thus, you can take better decision when you take help of quality mailing list services.

First, usually you rent, not buy the mailing lists. They mainly remain within the ownership of the mailing list company and are not for sale. There are several business owners who rent lists, which is a mistake. Most of the lists change in 30 days. Some of the lists, like mailing lists of prisons, public libraries, hospital gift shops, high schools, elementary schools, colleges, daily newspapers, radio and TV stations which will have very few changes. Bookstore lists, specialty lists, organization lists, MLM lists and the business mailing lists have high rates of return. In order to avoid high returns, you can rent the selected lists before making your mailing.

You have to be careful while renting your mailing list which goes to the individuals, seniors’ mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, homeowners’ mailing lists, residential mailing lists. With 15% of population moving every year, you can get great returns.

How to Manage Direct Mailing Lists?
Mailing list management can be expensive. It will take plenty of labor and time for the companies to compile, clean and then mail to their lists along with the other necessary maintenance. They also use mailing list software programs which can really cost you more. You can plan ahead and before you mail list, you can ask when it’s going to arrive. This can vary in different company. Some of the companies can take two weeks or even more.

Mailing lists can be ordered in three formats, peel and stick labels or Cheshire or on the floppy disk. You can also order the peel and stick labels if you can affix the mailing piece by hand. When you know how to import your lists, you can take these in your CD. Mailing houses require Cheshire format instead of the peel and stick labels before the invention of CD ROM. They have the machines that print Cheshire sheets into the labels and glue these to the envelopes. While ordering lists for your CD you have to specify the format that you want to use for your conversion. Mailing lists can be a one-time use only when they are on a CD. Some of the mailing list companies offer lists of instant downloads.

Cost of Direct Mails
When the mailing house does your mailing, they want the labels which should be merged if there is more than a single list which you can save considerably on the postage. When you can’t answer the technical questions, make your mailing house call the mailing list rental company for the final details. Also, you have to consider the cost of the mail out from the mailing piece. You should test a small number at first when you have an expensive package.

Whenever you contact to rent the mailing list, there are some mailing list companies which can require sample of the mailing piece. The company can determine if you are mailing the competitive piece. The mailing list can be protected by the copyright and the trade secret law. Any violation of the list can be upheld by the courts. When the list rental contract has been broken, the owner has the legal recourse for suing compensatory damages. The damages can amount to three times the value of the mailing list.

All of the list owners have several reasons to protect their data. There are several lists which are available for rentals in United States. When everything fails, you can take the help of a mailing list broker. Brokers collect their fees from the mailing list company. Thus, you can reap rewards from sending press releases, fliers, press kits, review copies of books through direct mailing lists.