Direct Mail and Why It Is Better For Your Business

Over the years, businesses have spent a huge amount of money on internet marketing methods such as emails. Usually, they have forgone the use of the traditional marketing strategies. Unfortunately, emails have not been able to make the desired impact on the business processes. On the other hand, traditional methods are still quite good at making a strong statement and bring in new customers and more sales.

One of the most useful of the traditional marketing methods is the direct mail marketing strategy.

Why Is Direct Mail Still Useful?



You just need to take a look at the direct mail examples to realize that it is still a useful tool for business. Direct mail can be the backbone of the entire marketing strategy of any business. It can help in generating good leads. As long as you have a list of potential customers you can send your marketing mails to them to generate a stream of revenue. That makes direct mail marketing strategies incredibly useful for businesses.

Marketers are, in increasing numbers, realizing that mailing good printed materials are excellent at locating new potential customers. This is due to the fact that they can get access to complete lists of customers interested in their business.

Direct Mail Lists Can Be Highly Specific

Specificity is another big advantage of direct mail over email marketing. In most direct mail examples, you will notice that the customers already subscribe to certain magazines or are members of certain clubs or associations. You may find that there are magazines that are devoted to your line of business and people who opt for them. These customers are not likely to be interested in getting marketing emails and will not give the permission required. If you do not ask for their permission first then you can be taken to court by the recipients.

However, they can receive direct mail. You can get the list of subscribers from the magazine along with the list of specifications that you may need when sending your mails. This can include the job function of the customers, the industry they work in and so on. You can curate these lists and create highly targeted lists to send your marketing mails.

Direct Mail Generates More Leads

Deliverability is an issue when you opt for email marketing. There are a number of problems with it which reduces its effectiveness. In fact, most of your marketing emails may end up not getting delivered at all. Some of the factors that affect the deliverability are given below.

  • Spam filters can delete marketing emails.
  • Many people end up changing their email addresses on a frequent basis.
  • Some people have more than one email address and your list may end up containing multiple addresses for a single person.

These factors mean that a substantial portion of your emails will not get delivered to your targeted audience. Additionally, you will never get an idea about how many emails are getting delivered. There is no way to track the delivered emails. Emails that are intercepted by spam filters still get shown as being delivered in your transmission reports. In other words, the recipient servers will not send you a notification telling you that the message was not delivered due to the interception by the spam filters.

Direct mails do get delivered however. Of course, even here, you may find that some of those mails are not sent due to various reasons. At the same time, there is no spam filter in the world of direct mail. Your customers will receive a copy of your marketing ???????????? message through the mail. If the mail is not delivered, you will always get notified by the postal agency.

The direct mail examples show that you can generate a higher amount of leads than email marketing tactics.

Direct Mail Utilizes Graphics Better
Pictures can be incredibly useful in making a strong impression on the customer. By using suitable graphics in your marketing mails, you can generate a higher response rate which in turn can bring in more money.

You will be unable to make a similar statement by using emails as your marketing method. Complicated information can rarely be presented as engagingly as on a direct mail piece. Complex graphics cannot be used in emails especially due to the download times associated with it. Longer download times can be frustrating for the recipient. Moreover the very nature of emails makes it unsuitable for sending graphics. With a printed material, your customers can their time to view and appreciate the pictures.

Direct Mail Is More Often Read
Your customers can easily delete the email without even opening it. They can see who sent them the mail and discard it if they do not want to read it. This is not possible with direct mailing pieces. You can send attractive postcards through the mail to your customers. They are bound to notice the attractive graphics and they may be impressed enough to read it further. After all, they do not even have to take it out of any envelope.

In emails, you need to impress the customer with a few words in the subject line if you want your emails read. That is quite a challenging and difficult thing to accomplish. With traditional mailing pieces, you can impress with the entire postcard.?? In fact you can even opt for a larger sized postcard to improve the impact made on your customers. You will have the luxury of more space to convey your marketing message in a suitable manner. Such a thing is not possible with an email.

A Variety of Options Are Available In Direct Mail
Direct mailing pieces allow you to get the benefit of options. You can opt for a variety of paper stock and colors to get your message across. There are choices available in method of delivered as well. Every door direct mail, for example, is a cheaper alternative to traditional direct mail programs. You can use the necessary direct mail programs to get the most benefit out of the marketing strategy.